Sujit stood transfixed and overwhelmed with emotions. David with the head of Goliath by Caravaggio was a sight to behold. It was mesmerizing to see how much can be said in one frame. The drama, the play of light, the emotions, and the vibe; it was all there. For Sujit, the moment and the painting brought to conscious his innate urge to create gripping visual stories.

In a pursuit to hone his craft, he moved to Los Angeles and enrolled himself in the prestigious Chapman Unversity. Filled with excitement and enthusiasm, like always, he shot everything that he could lay his hands on, which translates to being a part of 50 short films and DPing for 12 in a short span of 2 years.

Soon after his graduation, he met director Daniel Riser and he got him on board to shoot for the critically acclaimed independent feature film Hysperia, which made it to the shortlisted features at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

But having always been enamoured by his country of birth, Sujit returned to Mumbai to add to his portfolio a number of films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. His resume boasts of a music video for ‘Coldplay’ (7 Grammy Awards winner & American Music Awards), ‘Parched’ (Winner of Stockholm Film Festival), ‘Fiasco’ (winner of Las Vegas International Film Festival), ‘Don’t Touch It’ (Winner of Indie Gathering International Film Festival), ‘The Things You Lose’ (Winner of Park City Film Music Festival), and many more. Furthermore, many of his  works have been aired on National Geographic, BBC and History channel.

His unique style, a blend of Western and Indian aesthetic makes his work stand out because of which he is regularly sought out for international projects being shot in India. He strives to create a unique look for each of his projects and pushes boundaries to create a new visual language.